KORU 5 Workshops

Workshop  /  04 Aug 2015  -  06 Aug 2015
Published: 16.03.2015
KORU 5 Workshops.
Saimaa University of Applied Sciences
DEADLINE: 26/04/2015

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On the 7th of August an international contemporary jewelry exhibition with 51 artists will be opened in Imatra Art Museum, Finnland.
Like at previous KORU- events, before the opening there will be 3 dynamic workshops and two day seminars with inspiring lectures.
KORU5 is a international contemporary jewellery triennal organized now for the fifth time by Finnish Jewellery Art Association. This association was founded in Lappeenranta, Finland, in 2005. The aim is to promote contemporary jewellery in Finland, improve its recognition as an art and design form and also increase awareness about Finnish jewellery internationally. 
KORU5 seminar information and registration will be added to the website soon. Seminar dates; 7.-8.8.2015.

About Koru5 Workshops:

Edgar Mosa: Creative Patriotisms
Materiality and method has been a signifier of provenance in a number of craft practices, but none as articulate as contemporary jewelry that, besides the universal foundation of technical apprenticeship, has evolved in such a way that the use of a multitude of materials can be used to reference their provenance, nationalities, and stylistic, cultural, religious and political values.Contemporary Jewelry reflects on recognition and symbolisms, making it belong to a particular place and be recognized by its people.
What do our natural landscapes tell us about our residence today? How are we different jewelers from those 75,000 years ago, as the discoveries of perforated shells in South Africa indicate? Or better yet, what is the jewelry we make telling about our day-to-day rituals? Our homes? Does it matter?
Utilizing the conventions of the bench and metalwork, this workshop proposes to gather an international group of makers and thinkers out of their home and studio to work, think, and nurture a hands-on conversation of “why we are how we are and do how we do”.
Come as you are and ready to share your selfness, but do bring your tool box as the tales we tell are mere reflections of the journeys ahead.

Monika Brugger: Heimat
Nomads, travellers, backpackers, globetrotters, vagabonds, immigrant, exile, expatriate, being away from home, being elsewhere.
Many of us have changed countries for pleasure, curiosity, desire for change, rarely by economic or political necessity. Many of us reconstruct what is called ”Heimat” in German, build, find or invent new or other roots.
Sure, jewellery is always connected with identities; can jewellery give us this Heimat-feeling? Can we develop by jewellery a “homeland”? Would it be possible to evoke these notions in jewels, can it be possible to imagine ”eine Heimat” through jewellery. Questions I would like to raise in this workshop by In manufacturing, speak about it together during this a few days.
Heimat- a search for traces and clues.

Terhi Tolvanen: Stone Rocks
A landscape can be cultural, architectural and urban… imaginary, musical or poetic….
This workshop is a walk together in rocky landscapes while making imaginary landscapes.  
Working with stone, discussing about stone and getting surprised about stone!

Dates and price

Dates: 4th-6th August 2015

Location: Faculty of Fine Arts, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Imatra, Finland

Participation fee: 260€.
 To each workshop will be selected 10-12 participants. 

Accomodation and transport: All accepted participants will receive detailed payment information and later information about weather conditions, local transportation, accommodation etc.

Payment:After receiving a notification of acceptance you ensure your place at workshop by paying the deposit 80€. Payment should be done by bank transfer.