Le Arti Orafe Summer Courses 2015

Workshop  /  Technics   Making   Design   ComputerTechnologies  /  13 Jul 2015  -  02 Oct 2015
Published: 17.06.2015
Le Arti Orafe Summer Courses 2015.
Le Arti Orafe
Giò Carbone
DEADLINE: 31/07/2015

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3 intensive courses held by the school teaching staff or guest teachers have still available places. They are of a prevalently technical content, open to all and they are generally attended by people with professional commitments who cannot attend the long-term courses, and students from other schools.
The Workshops are held by teachers, artists and designers invited by the school and represent a valuable opportunity to meet and work alongside creative artists and jewellery designers of international renown.

Intensive Jewellery Design Course
LAO is the most reputable schools in Italy where you could learn about techniques and concepts of  jewellery design. The intensive Jewellery Design course is recommended both for beginners and advanced students in jewellery making and design, but it is also suited for professional goldsmiths who want to improve their competences.
Study subjects: technical drawing, design, rendering.
Lessons are held in Italian.
Dates: 13 - 31 of July 
Duration: 90 h
Participants: max. 10
Price: 1.500,00€
Deadline: 3rd July

Intensive Hand Engraving Course
Tuscany has always prided itself on being the centre of the refined art of engraving precious metal, in which the technique and the pleasure of ornamentation coexists in the most admirable way.
The school is reviving this ancient technique, which can also be used in contemporary design as well.
Study subjects: hand engaving lessons, lessons and exercises metal and silver sheets.
Lessons are held in Italian.
Dates: 31 august -  25 September
Duration: 100 h
Participants: max. 10
Price: 1600€ 
Deadline: 31st July

Intensive Stone Setting Course
The intensive stone setting course is recommended both for beginners and students, but it is also suited for professional goldsmiths and stone setters who want to improve their competences with the newest techniques.
Study subjects: stone setting workshop, lessons and exercises with silver findings and stones.
Lessons are held in Italian.
Dates: 7 September - 2 October
Duration: 100h
Participants: max. 10
Price: 1900€ 
Deadline: 31st July

Intensive CAD Course
CAD technology allows us to visualize, modify and archive all the ideas, sketches and designs we like and at the same time help us create perfect prototypes in a relatively short amount of time.
Study subjects: Rhinoceros, Flamingo and Photoshop.
Lessons are held in Italian.
Dates: 21 September - 2 October
Duration: 50h
Participants: max. 8
Price: 800€ 
Deadline: 31st July

Current students 10% discount
Former students 5% discount

NOTE on discounts for students and alumni:  To register you must pay 50% of the whole fees. The discount on the total cost will be made at the time of the payment of the fees’ balance
Cancellation Policy: In order to receive the 50% reimbursement, a registered letter must be received by this office 30 days prior to the beginning of the course. Bank or postal fees are not included in reimbursement.
No refunds will be given without 30 days notice.

For further information: pdf programm or visit the website.
Example of design.
Example of design

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Stonesetting student.
Stonesetting student

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Example of engraving exercise.
Example of engraving exercise

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