Let’s do something beautiful by Philip Sajet

Workshop  /  Design   Making  /  09 May 2016  -  13 May 2016
Published: 04.01.2016
Let’s do something beautiful by Philip Sajet.
Le Arti Orafe
Giò Carbone
DEADLINE: 13/04/2016

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The concept of beauty has always been very arbitrary. Beauty is in  the eye of the beholder. Which means that anything that is considered beautiful, can actually be nice and this makes everything much easier. At the same time, there are some official "scientific rules", for example, how to use the information of the Fibonacci sequence, the Golden Rule, or the presence of a symmetry….
There are many of these "proven scientific rules", and the participant can also think  to others. In this workshop  we will use these elements to experience.

Duration: 30h
Participants: max. 15
Price: 800 € 
Lesson in French/ English/Dutch/Italian/German


Philip Sajet