Losing My Religion

Workshop  /  07 Apr 2010  -  09 Apr 2010
Published: 11.02.2010
Losing My Religion.
Instituto Centro Diseño, Cine y Television

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The University will host a series of exhibitions by renown artists from Latin America and Europe, as well as an academic encounter and one workshops lead by Ruudt Peters (Netherlands) and Estela Saez Vilanova (Spain-Netherlands).
Losing my Religion is the metaphorical title of a workshop which aims tom conduct the participants and teachers to a new state. A de-contextualization of materials, forms and meanings; change our position towards our own “religion”. During the workshop participants will be asked to think about the social position of jewellery and find the answer to what jewellery means for us as its makers. The participants will be stimulated to take an explicit standpoint on how can they deal with the medium of jewellery nowadays: intellectually? Pragmatically? They will be stimulated to produce work around this theme. the subconscious should be allowed into the work process alongside rational considerations. Ultimately jewellery remains the frame of reference. The course is built on step-by-step education in which the end product is not the most important goal. The emphasis lies on personal guidance and development. The participants are given the tools with which to continue this process on their own. By means of direct action they will learn to take steps. 

Registration is open as from Monday 8th February. 

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Nayeli Arévalo Rivera
Educación Continua
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Dates and price

Workshop: Losing My Religion
Instructor: Ruudt Peters (NL) y Estela Sáez Vilanova (Spain-NL)
Days: from Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th April (3 days)
From 10:00 to 17:00 hrs
Fee: $ 4,900 Pesos Mexicanos ($350 USDollars)
Language: English & Spanish