Lucy Sarneel: Wrap it up your way!

Workshop  /  12 Nov 2012  -  16 Nov 2012
Published: 09.11.2012
Lucy Sarneel: Wrap it up your way!.
Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College
Fumie Sasaki

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This time Hiko Mizuno invite an Artist, Lucy Sarneel from the Netherland to give our students workshop and lecture at our school.
Wrap it up your way! 

The main purpose of a package is to store, protect and transport the content and in some cases to protect its surrounding too.
The outside reveals the inside…..
Wrap up any chosen object, idea, memory or feeling in your own imaginative way. Think in possibilities rather than in solutions, imagine, travel, have fun, notice the unexpected and transform!
Let the package carry you away and turn into a wonderful, cherished jewel!
Lucy Sarneel. Brooch: Daily Offer II, 2012. Mixed media. Lucy Sarneel
Brooch: Daily Offer II, 2012
Mixed media
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