The Mark of the Maker by Jesse Bert

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Published: 30.10.2017

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Hammers maybe are the heart of the functional and practical side of our making process. A workshop helps you to make your own hammer, no matter it's for leaving a mark or bringing a unique piece to life.
For some of us, hammers are the heart of the functional and practical side of our making process. It’s a wonderful feeling of excitement to use beautiful hammers you made yourself leaving gorgeous marks, or completing that special process that brings each unique piece to life. Learn how to design and create the hammer shape you have in mind whether it’s a ball end, cross peen, riveting hammer or something else more unique. 

Made from tool steel, each hammerhead will be ground and filed to perfection. The student will forge an appropriate oval hole in the head for the correct seat and mounting of a solid handle-to-head union, then they will be polished and oil hardened to withstand a lifetime of use and wear. In the end, handles and heads with being properly fitted with a traditional time-old technique, during this step, you will learn about the application of basic woodworking techniques using your jewelers' tools

About Jesse Bert:
Originally from the U.S, Jesse started his career in metal work as an apprentice for 3 years at a tool and die shop. Now with seventeen years of experience in the jewelry field, Jesse has a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Rochester Institute of Technology, and an MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from East Carolina University in North Carolina. He relocated to Mexico in 2006. Jesse's preferred work format is sculptural jewelry that incorporates recycled and found objects. Over the past eleven years Jesse has taught metalsmithing and jewelry techniques on a regular basis, to students of all skill levels at his private studio in San Miguel de Allende, Gto. In addition to other cities in Mexico and around the world.  Jesse exhibits his work both nationally and internationally, recent venues include The Palace of Iturbide, Mexico City; The amber Fair Legnica, Poland; The Museum of Mining, Pachuca, Mexico; Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City; Alchemy 925, Massachusetts; Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco.

Open to any level of student with a keen interest in detail and patience. It requires students who are interested/comfortable using an angle grinder and doing lots of filing.

Dates and price

When: February 8th to 11th, 2018. From 10 am to 6 pm.
Cost: Tuition: $795 + kit fee TBD - Payment plans available | Kit fees paid last day of class.

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