Metal Etching with Enamel by Judy McCaig

Workshop  /  Making   Technics  /  18 Mar 2016  -  19 Mar 2016
Published: 22.02.2016
Roberta Ferreira, Laura Jener
DEADLINE: 17/03/2016

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Combine the graphic potential of transferred images and photographs etched into metal with the wide range of colours that enamel permits. Each student is encouraged to explore these expressive possibilities to stimulate their own personal creativity.
A workshop by Judy McCaig

In this workshop you will learn the following:

- Preparation of the Metal Precautions
- For safety at Work
- Materials and Stop-outs
- Transfering a design or photograph
- Preparation of the Edinburg Etch
- Etching
- Aplication of Enamels
- Paint with Painting Enamels
- Apply image to the Enamel
- Neutralisation and Disposal of Salts
- Integrate results in a Piece of Jewellery

Total hours: 12
Cost: 120€ + 15€ material



Judy McCaig