Mia Maljojoki: Everyday matters - Designing from Within

Workshop  /  11 Oct 2014  -  15 Oct 2014
Published: 19.06.2014
Mia Maljojoki: Everyday matters - Designing from Within.
Nueve25 Plata Studio
DEADLINE: 30/08/2014

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The Otro Diseño Foundation and Walka Escuela are proud to announce the next workshop on the Travelling Workshop series to be presented in Mexico City: an intensive five-day session with Finish artist Mia Maljojoki that will explore how individuality, emotion and intuition play a relevant role in a creative process leading to the development of commercial products.
The work of Finnish jewellery artist and designer Mia Maljojoki is recognized for its strong, emotional and experimental qualities, positioning her as one of the most innovative contemporary jewellers, whose work is shown in galleries and museums all over Europe. She is also one of the artists who has been able to convey her artistic background and passion into successful commercial products by promoting collaborative work with industries such as Marimekko. Her latest jewellery collection, Laineen Liplatus, is currently being commercialized all over the world by the also Finnish company.

Everyday Matters
is an open workshop which aims to explain future designers of diverse fields, how individuality, emotion and intuition (all qualities applied in the creation of art work) play a relevant role in a creative process leading to the development of commercial products. The process that the tutor developed for her Marimekko collections will be recreated in this workshop, which uses sound and rhythm as a detonator for explosive, striking creativity and latter channeled into a structural design process.

Everyday Matters focuses on exploring ways to communicate personal emotions and memories through wearable objects. The participants will go through a series of experiential exercises that are meant to invoke emotions through movement and sound. These exercises and a series of speed-produced studies will be used as the point of departure for the design and creation of a functional physical object. Due to the nature of this process, active participation and discussion from each participant is a necessary component to the success of the workshop.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will have produced at least one maquette of a wearable object, which can be transformed into finished objects or prototypes for future serial production.

- To explore the use of motion and emotion in the process of creating wearable objects
- To analyze the way how artistic disciplines intersect within the field of design and what are the consequences of this interaction
- To create an original wearable object that can be further developed into prototypes for future serial production
- To learn how to make conscious choices of materials based in the emotional response to sound and movement
- To stimulate creativity and individual thinking
- To become familiar with the international field and notions of contemporary jewellery and how is this discipline has started to reach and influence the fashion industry

Topics to be addressed:
- Contemporary jewellery
- Sound and movement
- Colour
- Personal and cultural identity
- The fashion industry
- Material selection


Materials and tools:

For the first day of the workshop each participant is required to bring three objects to the workshop. Objects can be chosen freely, but no personal art work. If you wish to make questions or discuss about these objects, you can contact tutor Mia Maljojoki through Travelling Workshop’s FaceBook Page

Participants are also required to bring along the following items:
- basic jeweller box
- sketchbook and drawing utensils
- digital camera

The tutor will approach the students previous to the workshop to discuss specific, basic materials that will need to bring along to the workshop.

Aimed to:
Professional and last year students on the fields of jewellery, fashion and industrial design, visual arts, photography and architecture with an interest in contemporary jewellery as a medium. Participants must have well developed skills for the production of jewellery, sculpture, textiles, objects or photography.
Participants are required to have a good command of English.

Dates and price

Dates: From Saturday 11th to Wednesday 15th October 2014
August 30th 2014
Hours: 10:30 to 17:00
Capacity: 12 participants
Where: Nueve25 Plata Studio

Registration fee:

Regular fee: $420 USD or its equivalent in Mexican Pesos
Early bird fee (paid before July 15th) and Travelling Workshop Member fee: $400 USD
Payment plan (2 payments): First installment (USD$210) before July 15th 2014; Second installment (USD$210) before September 15th 2014

* Payment terms and Conditions:
All fees are expressed in US Dollars and may be paid in Dollars or Mexican Pesos, applying the exchange rate of the day when the payment is made.

Payments may be made in cash to the workshop coordinator in Mexico. Please, contact Maca Sotelo at:

There is a special fee for members of the Program Travelling Workshop applies to those participants who have taken part on four or more workshops of the Program.

Discounts do not apply to payment plans.

Payments are non-refundable. However it is possible to transfer your seat at the workshop to other participant.