Modular Jewelry with Luis Acosta

Workshop  /  Technics  /  15 Sep 2018
Published: 06.09.2018
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DEADLINE: 14/09/2018

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The main idea is how to achieve a jewel design from simple forms trying to develop and build a system. It starts with a module of repetition and, if possible, each participant creates a prototype of a piece of jewelry.
The workshop is primarily intended for students, artists, designers, teachers and artisans. Knowledge on the subject is not required. It adapts to all kinds of material.
This workshop attempts to approach the design from a glance and trying to use the material chosen, as possible.

Design emerging from an existing form.
Take as a reference point an object or existing form. A part or the complete of it can be used. The same is drawn and looking how repeat it, so that no material is wasted.
Example: from the shape of a shirt collar I designed bracelets. From the letter "L" of Luis I designed necklaces and brooches. The "Z", stylized, I designed brooches, necklaces and ties. The figure of a cube has helped me with most of my works. Ocean waves inspired my series of necklaces and bracelets. Several of these are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and the CODA Museum Apeldoorn (Netherlands).

Repeat above shape.
When we find the form of the previous paragraph, (named module from now) do repeat itself and attempt to use the exercise sheet as much as possible. We have to find how to repeat the module on the sheet of paper and make a sequence. Then we will cut thereof to finally join it either horizontally or vertically. All modules can be used flat or folded. The most important purpose is if a student is able to develop or to interpret an own idea from a basic starting point.

When: 15th of Sep, 10 am - 6 pm
Course price: Price: € 135

Necessary materials that students are supposed to bring themselves:
- Pencil or pen.
- Transparent adhesive tape.
- Ruler and scissors.

- Notebook or folder to note.
- Eraser, stapler.
Luis Acosta. Necklace: Ruff, 2012. Six stichted layers of paper.. Luis Acosta
Necklace: Ruff, 2012
Six stichted layers of paper.
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Luis Acosta. Necklace: Quipus, 2013. Paper thread, sewing.. Ø 50 cm. Luis Acosta
Necklace: Quipus, 2013
Paper thread, sewing.
Ø 50 cm
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Luis Acosta. Bracelet: Bracelet I, 2012. Six stichted layers of paper.. Ø 20 cm. Luis Acosta
Bracelet: Bracelet I, 2012
Six stichted layers of paper.
Ø 20 cm
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