Monolith by Sophie Hanagarth

Workshop  /  Making   CriticalThinking  /  20 Sep 2019  -  22 Sep 2019
Published: 24.04.2019
Monolith by Sophie Hanagarth.
Johanna Neeser
DEADLINE: 19/09/2019
Works by Sophie Hanagarth..
Works by Sophie Hanagarth.

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What form for this attitude? What attitude for this form?
How our gestures and our attitudes generate forms and beliefs. This will be the direction of personal research, a peregrination in the shape, using our intuition and movement by modelling, our thinking by drawing and the tech to give form. The result could be a mysterious and precious archaic jewel, out of time, a  transportable artefact, whose place is the body. How can little things be full of space and how could an amulet be a monument?

Dates: Friday, September 20th 2019: 4 pm – 9 pm. Saturday, September 21st 2019: 11 am – 7 pm.  Sunday, September 22nd 2019: 10 am – 5 pm.
Course languages:  Français, English, Deutsch.
Workshop fees: CHF 500

About the teacher:
Born in Lausanne, Sophie Hanagarth lives and works in Paris. She is director of the jewellery class at the HEAR (Haute école des arts du Rhin) Art Academy in Strasbourg. Her jewellery objects follow a sensual, humorous approach and can express ambiguous statements.
Sophie Hanagarth.
Sophie Hanagarth

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