Ruudt Peters: Now Chaos

Workshop  /  09 Jul 2004  -  16 Jul 2004
Published: 13.01.2010
Ruudt Peters: Now Chaos.
Opere, international jewellery school
Ruudt Peters

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In nOw chaOs we will investigate the creative powers of chaos. In our society chaos is seen as a negative element, but originally chaos was the primal material from which everything was constructed. “Order in fact comes forth from chaos, rather than chaos from order” (cited from: The Philosopher’s Stone, by F. David Peat). By regarding chaos positively we can investigate the unstructured source of creativity in ourselves. During the workshop, by means of assignments we will explore, accept and exploit this chaos. If we accept chaos and see it as a source of energy, the hindering structures disappear and a freedom to think and act arises. nOw chaOs seeks a different answer to what jewellery can mean to us as jewellery makers. During the workshop the participants will be stimulated to take an explicit standpoint on how they can deal with the medium of jewellery nowadays. Artists and students will be stimulated to produce work around this theme. In this it is important that the subconscious should be allowed into the work process alongside rational considerations. Ultimately jewellery remains the frame of reference.

The now chaos workshop will be held in the summer atelier in the southern Netherlands, an environment far away from the big Dutch cities. The course is built on step-by-step education in which the end product is not the most important goal. “The goal is the means and the means is the goal” (M. Gandhi). The emphasis lies on personal guidance and development. The participants are given the tools with which to continue this process on their own. By means of direct action people learn to take steps. During the course the group will cook together, and group discussions on the work will be held during the meals.

After the successes of the last years, this year Ruudt Peters is beginning his workshop under the title nOw chaOs. For ten years Peters was connected with the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam as the main instructor in jewellery design. Through Opere he follows up his teaching with a private programme intended for students or graduates of art academies and artists/designers who seek to deepen their work. Every year an international group of jewellery makers participate in his workshops.-2016-2016

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