Online Workshop. Foundations of Bead Weaving by Mïa Vollkommer

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Published: 20.05.2024
Mosaic earrings by Mïa Vollkommer.
Mosaic earrings by Mïa Vollkommer

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The objective of this course is to provide students with a new tool that they can incorporate into their creative process. We will go through the stages prior to the materialization of the piece: inspiration, ideas and prototyping.
Utilizing a sketchbook provides a structured approach to developing each artistic creation. It begins with your theme and you’ll work on research, sketching, sampling, prototyping and final design.
Sketchbooks also enable you to revisit previous pieces, re-design sketches and improve upon them, as well as reduce the margin of error when manufacturing the piece. Students will learn how to create woven, fabric-like strips with seed beads using both the off-loom peyote stitch technique and the traditional bead loom. 

All of our online workshops are recorded and, with purchase of the seat in the class, you have access to the recording(s) between workshop sessions as well as for 45 days after the workshop ends.

When:  July 13 & 20, 2024 
11:00 am - 1:30 pm

Cost: 175.00 US dollars

By the conclusion of the workshop, students will:
- Receive guidance on how to successfully choose beads for their projects.
- Be able to create several types of jewelry from the woven strips, by employing a variety of finishing techniques.
- Confidently read a peyote stitch or loom pattern graph.
- Know where to begin in creating their own bead weaving patterns. 

Day 1: 
- An introduction to seed beads – the (brief) history of and how to choose beads for a particular pattern.
- How to read an even count peyote stitch graph. 
- How to begin, weave, and finish an even count peyote stitch strip. 
- Adding a beaded edging to the strip.
- Finishing with a magnetic clasp for a bracelet.
- Alternate finishing techniques for rings or earrings.
- How to execute the Odd count turn for future projects. 

Day 2: 
- How to warp both a traditional, and “Little Ricky” style bead loom.
- How to weave and finish a strip from the traditional loom. 
- How to weave and finish a strip from the “Little Ricky” loom.
- Finishing with a button clasp for a bracelet.
- Alternate finishing techniques for rings or earrings.
- Getting started with patternmaking.

Please note: As bead weaving is time-consuming, students will not see the instructor weave an entire piece from start to finish. Rather, woven strips will be shown in completed stages as each new technique is demonstrated. 

About ​Mïa Vollkommer:
Mïa Vollkommer has worked with seed beads for 25 years, and bead weaving has always been part of her artistic practice. Throughout her career Mïa has worked in the arts, including as the market manager for the Arts Council of New Orleans, web photographer for AKAR gallery in Iowa City, and as program manager for Studio Arts at Smithsonian Associates in Washington, D.C. Mïa has taught a wide variety of jewelry making classes for Smithsonian Associates, including bead weaving, since 2002.

>> More information about the workshop and the Materials List HERE
Rainclouds by Mïa Vollkommer.
Rainclouds by Mïa Vollkommer

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Snakeskin Cuff by ​Mïa Vollkommer.
Snakeskin Cuff by ​Mïa Vollkommer

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