Piñata Gem Making and TemContemp Jewellery Installation

Workshop  /  01 Sep 2018
Published: 15.08.2018

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A 2 hours workshop dedicate to Piñata: how to make, how to decorate, the history and the emotional sides. Besides, a small exploration of the contemporary jewellery and to help with a temporary contemporary necklace installation to adorn the new exhibition space.
Critique the material preciousness! COME, MAKE, DESTROY!

When: Saturday, September 1st at 2 - 5 pm.
Course Price: $50 (€ 45 approx).

Ah, the gemstone: It's preciousness can be quite divisive in our Contemporary Jewellery field. So, come join us and our generous teacher and Piñata Lady, Karen Rivera, who designed this one especially for us!
Whether you love it or hate it, come, learn and make your own gem piñata with us in this 2-hour workshop. Come join us and learn a bit about contemporary jewellery, why we love it and why we hate it; and a lot about how to make piñatas, how to decorate piñatas, the history of pinatas, and why we absolutely, definitely love them!
Help make a Temporary Contemporary necklace installation to ceremoniously adorn our new exhibition space.

THEN, STAY: Because we will have a glass of wine, string all our piñata gems together into a very contemporary critique-of-the-material-preciousness temporary necklace, and take turns to beat it with a stick until it rains the most precious crystal: SUGAR down upon us!  *Destruction on site is optional: we understand if you’d prefer to destroy in the comfort and privacy of your own home.   Maybe it’s symbolic, maybe it’s just the perfect combination of craft, rage, and sweet release!
Get a guided tour of our first ever TempContemp contemporary jewellery exhibition: I Hate Contemporary Jewellery!


Piñata Lady, Karen Rivera was born in El Salvador and raised in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Karen creates traditional Piñatas with a modern twist @pinatasbykr83

What do I need to bring/what is provided?
Materials to make, lollies to fill, and tea, coffee, snacks & a glass of wine will be provided. Bring a camera to document the installation, bring a crafty as attitude, and join us for a delicious September Saturday crafternoon!

What age do I have to be?
Ageless! This workshop is suitable for (adult accompanied) kids, Millennials, gen Ys, gen Xs, Baby Boomers and beyond! Parents who are dragged along by their fee paying children get in for free (just email us to confirm)! Kids are welcome (we’ll behave)!

Are there any safety concerns?
Northcity4 is a working studio in an old factory in Brunswick. It has a concrete floor and heavy machinery and equipment in the space. It can be cold in winter (we have some heating!) and hot in summer so please dress appropriately. Oh, and we will be using scissors. 

Northcity4 reserves the right to cancel any scheduled course. Of course, we don’t want to do this but in the case of tutor illness or the class not reaching a minimum number of enrolments, students will be notified two days before the scheduled start date and refunds will be provided.
If you are unable to attend the course and would like a refund, we require at least three working days’ notice prior to the start date of your course. No refunds will be issued for withdrawals when less than three working days' notice is given.