Re-writing your own script, focusing on your own evolution

Workshop  /  CriticalThinking   ProfessionalPractice  /  05 Mar 2016  -  06 Mar 2016
Published: 09.12.2015
Re-writing your own script, focusing on your own evolution.
Sakip Sabanci Museum
Senay Akin
DEADLINE: 31/12/2015

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The workshop will be an inner journey attempting to bring to light all pre-constructed beliefs and fears that block the evolvement of individual Makers both personally and professionally.
An intensive two-day workshop directed by Charon Kransen from Charon Kransen Arts.
Although adressing issues intimately connected to Jewellers and Jewelry making, students, as well professionals from all fields of Arts, Crafts and Design are eligible to attend.

Each participant will have the opportunity to present his/her work and discuss openly his/her ispirations, intention and/or obstacles he/she faces while creating. Feedback will be given and new possibilities may arise from sharing experiences and viewpoints.

One of the most current issues for artists working in the field of contemporary jewelry, is the analysis of the effectiveness of their own work, to question themselves, trying to find their own way and to make their work unique. Professor Charon Kransen will help us to focus our own evolution.

The seminars are not about learning yet another technique, but will focus primarily on the aspect of the personal "script" or I should say, re-writing your own "script". Many artists focus completely on the tastes and demands of main stream clients. They make what is expected of them instead of being the ones who offer the public something innovative. This stretches their brains and their outlook on life in general. Most artists have become completely commercial, because they simply are not aware of other options. Options in the various directions one can take, and also options to focus on other markets. Many simply dont know what these options could possibly be, so as a result these artists, in my experience, are creatively stuck and not particularly satisfied with how they use their unique talent.
These issues often come from barriers within ourselves; barriers which limit our personal growth and the discovery of our very own personal expression. In the seminar we address these issues through discussion and exercises. Only when somebody develops insights into why change is needed, we can actually begin to reverse thought patterns in the way we approach our work and that is exactly what I am offering with this seminar.

Besides looking at the barriers within our self, we also address very practical issues such as:
- what is the profile of your customer;
- how do I approach a gallery or a shop;
- how does a gallery select;
- how do we define success;

Of course it would also possibly open up opportunities to connect artists more to the international markets and for this aim all issues will be discussed openly with participants.
/ C.K.

Dates and price: Date: 5-6 March 2016 (Saturday and Sunday) from 10am to 5pm
Attending fee: 280 US Dollar
Venue: Sakip Sabanci Museum, Ahsap Kosk
The workshop will be held in English with Turkish translation.
The fees cover also  light  snack+coffee.
Detailed program and B&B solutions available, the fees do not cover accomodation and other meals.

About Charon Kransen:
Charon Kransen ( b. Holland 1950, resides in New York City) has worked in the field of contemporary jewelry since 1969. He received his training at the Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts Jerusalem Israel, Fachhochschule fuer Gestaltung Pforzheim Germany and at Juhls Kautokeino Norway. Professor of Jewelry (and Enamel) Design at the University of Utrecht Holland; Head of jewelry and enamel department at the Art College Amersfoort Holland; President of the VES ( Dutch Jewelry Designers Organization) and lecturer at universities, colleges and art organizations internationally. Curator, art-dealer and agent for over 150 international contemporary jewelers (mostly non-Americans) in North-America at various galleries and art fairs such as the Chicago Art Fair SOFA, New York Art Fair SOFA, International Art + Design Fair in New York, Art Palm Beach Palm Beach, Miami International Art Fair Miami, and SOFA West Art Fair Santa Fe, Art Basel Miami at Red Dot Miami, AD20/21 Boston Art Fair. He also distributes books and catalogs in the field of jewelry/metal/design and his array of international titles are considered the most comprehensive in contemporary jewelry. He has been the official bookseller of the SNAG ( Society of North American Goldsmiths ) for the past 25 years. He has juried Talente and Schmuckszene in Munich for many years. For the past 20 years he has lectured on contemporary jewelry and gives master-classes to students and professionals in the USA, Europe, Australia, Asia and South America.