Repoussè and Chiseling for Jewellery

Workshop  /  14 Jul 2008  -  25 Jul 2008
Published: 30.05.2008
Repoussè and Chiseling for Jewellery.
Le Arti Orafe Academy
DEADLINE: 31/05/2008

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The workshop is closed for applications as they have now the maximum number of participants.
In order to reserve the workshop, student must fill the on-line enrolment form in the web pages of the school (, select the course code “CESE”, and send a fax to the school’s secretary with a proof of the payment of 100% of attendance fee. 

Payment could be done on line, by PayPAL secure System,, or by bank credit to:

Le Arti Orafe Associazione
Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca (name of the bank)
Agenzia 3, Via S.Andrea, 55100 Lucca (Address of the bank)
Account n° 3041/49
IBAN IT56U 06200 13705 000000304149

Cancellation policy: no reimbursement will be provided for cancellation.