Resin, Not Just Plastic with Luca Tripaldi 2022 at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School

Workshop  /  Technics   ProfessionalPractice   Making  /  11 Nov 2022  -  13 Nov 2022
Published: 20.10.2022

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This course aims to introduce a wide range of silicones rubber, colourants, casting, trimming, finishing and polishing the pieces.


Introduction to the silicones rubber. Making silicon molds in one and two parts using different silicones hardness (shore) and consistency (liquid and paste). The school will provide the prototype shapes. You are welcome to bring your own prototypes is you wish to discuss with the teacher how to make a mold from, but you can’t make the workshop the mold of your own prototypes.

Saturday: Introduction to the different colourants for resins and the epoxy and urethane resin. Casting of the resin in the molds: making of solid and empty resin pieces, using of metal settings and images in the resin (metal settings and images are provided by the school).

Sunday: Trimming, finishing, and polishing of the pieces casted and slides show.

Teacher: Luca Tripaldi

Tools provided by the students for the resin class
1 – cutter with a large blade
2 – scalpel for surgery (you can buy it in any pharmacy)
3 – permanent black marker fine point
4 – steel tweezers
5 – big scissors
6 – small steel scissors
7 – saw frame
8 – cotton burr
9 – rubber burr with sandpaper
10 – saw blades n.2
11- masking tape
12 – disposable gloves
13 – sandpaper – 1 sheet waterproof for each grit: 180-220-400-800-1200-2500-5000
14 – two silicone sheets for the oven (without any texture) – give a look on Amazon…

11th – 13th November
Fri: 17-20 h.
Sat/Sun: 9-12.30 h and 14 – 16.30 h.
Price: 500 € Deposit to be paid to secure the place: 100 €

The Weekend Course will be confirmed once the minimum number of students will be reached.