Resin Workshop by Ana Margarida Carvalho

Workshop  /  Technics   ProfessionalPractice  /  18 Jul 2024  -  21 Jul 2024
Published: 23.04.2024
Resin Workshop by Ana Margarida Carvalho.
Centro de Joalharia de Lisboa
Sérgio Faia
DEADLINE: 17/07/2024
Resin Samples.
Resin Samples

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Practical workshop that focuses on object construction techniques, with different types of resin, with and without using moulds.
18th, 19th, 20th & 21st July 2024. Thursday to Sunday: 10 - 13 h & 14 - 17 h.
24 hours total.

Price: 250 €
The price includes insurance and materials.
VAT-free course.
Participant keeps the pieces produced.

Acquire technical skills in building objects with different types of resin, with and without moulds.

Teacher: Ana Margarida Carvalho.


> Introduction to mould resin (theoretical).
  • Safety equipment.
  • Sealants/release agents.
  • Types of resins to use in the workshop: epoxy 5 min, polyester resin, Jesmonite.
  • Types of resin moulds.
  • Color: types of pigments and paints.
  • Inclusions: types of inclusions (organic and non-organic) and care to be taken.
  • Samples and examples of work by Contemporary Jewelers.
  • Technical constraints in the various stages of production.
  • How to reduce bubbles, odours, hair, or other undesirable inclusions during the resin curing process.
  • Integration of resin into prefabricated objects with and without epoxy.
  • Finishes.
  • Technical solutions for integration into final parts.
> Post-production care and maintenance of used tools, moulds, and resins (theoretical).

Production of copies and resin samples (practical).
  • Uncoloured, with colour, with inclusions, lamination, with different types of resins, imitation of stone.
> Production of resin parts (practical).
  • Coloured and with other materials.
  • Integration of uncured resin into prefabricated jewellery with holes.
> Handling of Resin and cured Jesmonite samples (practical).

> Finishes (practical).
  • Safety equipment.
  • Tools.
  • Darken, Polish.
  • Tool cleaning.
  • Disposal of Resin and Jesmonite remains.
  • Tool cleaning.
  • Mouldcleaning.
  • Mould conservation.
  • Integration of cured resin objects in new jewellery pieces.

Who is it for:
Anyone with or without experience, wanting to learn about resin production, with the ability to perform detailed manual work, and at least 16 years old.

Mín. / maximum students: 8/12.

Certificate: For students with at least 80% of session attendance.
Resin work in progress.
Resin work in progress

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Resin work in progress.
Resin work in progress

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