Segni sul volto. Workshop about Collective Design by Carla Riccoboni

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Published: 24.09.2021

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Segni sul volto (Signs over the face), the seminar/workshop conceived by Carla Riccoboni in collaboration with Le Arti Orafe, scheduled for October and November, will be presented on an online platform on 25 September 2021 by the project organisers, Riccoboni herself and Alice Rendon, coordinator, who will illustrate the work programme together.
The first phase of the project will be dedicated to the Seminar, in which various experts, not only internal but also external to the sector, will take part to reflect together on how the changes of the present are affecting and conditioning the current and future scenario of contemporary jewellery and to frame the discussion in a broader historical, social, cultural, and anthropological perspective.

A second phase will be devoted to Collective Design, therefore the Workshop, which will take place in the school's laboratories, led by Carla Riccoboni.

"Segni sul volto (Signs over the face) project was born post-Covid, and therefore first and foremost as an opportunity for collective meeting and dialogue, after a long period of suspension.

The chosen theme, inspired by the widespread use of protective masks, is a point of re-start, an opportunity to reflect on the changes that are taking place in jewellery today and to experiment together with new working hypotheses in a world of increasing complexity.

While in the 1960s and 1970s the focus of creative people was on the product and production techniques, since the 1980s, with the globalisation of the market, the image and communication of the product itself has become increasingly important, leading to a proliferation of objects and consequent disorientation as to their quality and meaning. Perhaps the time has come to reflect both on the product and on communication, to rediscover the meaning of production and the authentic values to be pursued and communicated.

In fact, the workshop does not aim to collectively design an innovative production for the market, like the experience carried out 10 years ago with the Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo AGC documented in the publication Multipli Singolari. The workshop Segni sul volto is aimed at rediscovering the original meaning and the deepest motivations behind the human need for jewellery and ornaments, and therefore at creating objects that are significant from an aesthetic point of view and stimulating for reflection.

Collective design, by bringing together different ideas, skills, and personalities, is open to many rational and emotional contributions, in a creative process that multiplies the possibilities of synthesis between the freedom of the artist and the logic of the designer.

The reports and discussions planned in the first part of the Segni sul volto project will therefore be fundamental material to be re-elaborated in order to design and create one or more "families" of objects that I hope will be a joyful synthesis of a historical memory and a critical and propositional vision for today.

The workshop will take place in November 2021 and will end with the realisation of the pieces in Le Arti Orafe laboratories in Florence in the last week of November.
Collective design requires a strong diversity of group members to enrich the discussion. Although we have reached a good number of participants, given the recent summer break, we have extended the deadline for registration to the end of September, which we hope will also be of interest to professionals who are not strictly specialised in the jewellery sector."

/ Carla Riccoboni

The seminar/workshop will be in Italian.
Free participation upon registration/selection.

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LAO laboratories, Florence.
LAO laboratories, Florence

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LAO laboratories, Florence.
LAO laboratories, Florence

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LAO laboratories, Florence.
LAO laboratories, Florence

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