Shirly Bar-Amotz: Keum-boo Workshop

Workshop  /  17 Feb 2013
Published: 04.02.2013
Shirly Bar-Amotz: Keum-boo Workshop.
Brooklyn Metal Works
Erin S. Daily & Brian Weissman

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Visiting artist Shirly Bar-Amotz will be giving a special workshop on the technique of Keum-boo on Feb. 17th. Shirly will also be giving an artist lecture following the workshop.
Kuom-Boo is a technique that allows a combination of 24 carat gold leaf with sterling silver. During the workshop, participants will prepare a 24 carat gold leaves of their own. Then they would join the gold leaf to the silver by fusing it together.

In this one day workshop you will be introduced to Keum-boo, the art of fusing high karat gold foil to silver. By using gentle heat and burnishers, the thin layer of gold makes a lasting bond with the silver surface. The gold foil is thick enough to be cut with scissors or paper punches - two tools that make repeating patterns easy. This technique is very accessible and can be used to accent designs with gold at an attractive price point. Keum-boo is a decorative process that is informative for beginners and practiced jewelers alike.