Simone ten Hompel: Masterclass

Workshop  /  04 Jul 2011  -  08 Jul 2011
Published: 03.06.2011
Simone ten Hompel: Masterclass.
The Cass, London Metropolitan University
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This class is designed for mid-career professionals to reflect on their practice and to think about their own methodology in order to allow them to shift forward into new territories.
A Masterclass with Simone ten Hompel
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Course aims and benefits
The manner in which artefacts become realised, through the pattern of making, and how or where this could be shifted, will be key to this workshop. This will be achieved by starting with the makers own voice and through a collection of pieces (initially brought in by participants). As the class progresses, the participants will analyze content and procedures (through ‘opening and unfastening’) and turning formed habits into new behaviours.
In discussion, through reading the work and thereby gaining rich description(*) of their meaning, we discover ‘Who am I as a maker’? In so doing we replace the verbal expression of the maker and allow the artefacts to speak through metal (and other materials).
Inevitably there will be a degree of collective exploring and experimenting of ideas; however the aim is to facilitate an enhanced understanding of the participant’s methods in regards to "thinking through making"(**). 

(*) In anthropology and other fields, a thick description of a human behaviour is one that explains not just the behaviour but its context as well, such that the behaviour becomes meaningful to an outsider. Wikipedia
(**) "Every good craftsman conducts a dialogue between concrete practices and thinking; this dialogue evolves into sustaining habits, and these habits establish a rhythm between problem solving and problem finding."

Richard Sennett.

The 5-day workshop is concerned with: 

• Seeing, exploring and the sense of making.
• Reflecting on previous works, in terms of the construct of the pieces.
• Moreover the content of a piece and the relevance of their context.
• Discovering meaning through making.
• Investigating appropriate metals or materials, which relate to the idea or object.
• Reflecting on the ‘stuff’ that is made in the workshop.
• How and what is the construct of the pieces?

The tutor, Simone ten Hompel, is a winner of the 2005 Jerwood prize for Applied Art in Metal. 
Who should attend?
This course is suitable for mid career professionals. Basic making knowledge of working with metal and other materials is useful.
If you would like to enquire as to whether the course would be suitable for you, please email  

The main language in the workshop will be English however individual tutorials can be in German.

For further information about course content contact the course organiser: 
Simone ten Hompel
Tel: 020 7320 1930

Dates and price

Timetable: 04.07.2011 to 08.07.2011, 10.00 – 20.00 (with one hour for lunch)
Course fee: £1,200 (includes non-precious materials, lunch and refreshments 
Discounts: London Met staff and students are eligible for a 30% discount.

In order to receive the discount, please contact us before booking as discounts cannot be claimed retrospectively.
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Simone Ten Hompel. Spoon: CADDY SPOON, 1998. Silver. 9.1 cm. With oval bowl and rectangular handle protruding into it. Satin finish.
. The Pearson Silver Collection
. Provenance Simone Ten Hompel. Simone Ten Hompel
Spoon: CADDY SPOON, 1998
9.1 cm
With oval bowl and rectangular handle protruding into it. Satin finish.
The Pearson Silver Collection
Provenance Simone Ten Hompel

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