Spirit Jewellery Journey. Workshop with Chloe Valorso

Workshop  /  OnlineOnly  /  20 Jun 2021
Published: 15.06.2021

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Online workshop Spirit Jewellery Journey is an immersive and introductory experience into amulet practice. It will explore your inner power with meditation and Shamanic Breath Work to create some magic and empowered amulets.
We will create a collective ritual and explore our personal journeys, by finding our inner voices. A transformative practice, it is led by a trained facilitator accredited by Venus Rising, and accompanied by chakra-attuned music. It is an experience to decipher symbols and connect with materials (stone, wood, metal) to create your own sigil and spell. Participants are asked to bring a piece of jewelry or a material that has a special meaning to them, to wear headphones, have a notebook with color pencils, and set up a comfortable space at home (eg cushions, yoga mat, candles).

This workshop is online via Zoom.
Date and hours: 20 June, 5 pm Brazilian time.
Cost: €30 or R$200.

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