Start where you are by Herman Hermsen

Workshop  /  Making   CriticalThinking  /  12 Jul 2019  -  14 Jul 2019
Published: 23.04.2019
Start where you are by Herman Hermsen.
Johanna Neeser
DEADLINE: 11/07/2019
Work by Herman Hermsen..
Work by Herman Hermsen.

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Reflect your comfort zone and break out.
From an idea towards a model, towards the decision: a unique piece with a specially pronounced content; a multiple with the same content, but with a reduced choice of materials and making process, or a design for serial production with, compromised, content and a choice of materials and technics that make it possible to realise the design in an economic way and within an affordable price level. 

Important that you experiment with your creativity and skills, so you can explore new fields within your possibilities. 
Please bring some work or images of your work.

Dates: Friday, July 12th 2019: 4 pm – 9 pm. Saturday, July 13th 2019: 11 am – 7 pm. Sunday, July 14th 2019: 10 am – 5 pm.
Course languages: Deutsch, English.
Workshop fees: CHF 500

About the teacher:
Herman Hermsen is designer and jewellery designer and teaches in Düsseldorf.
Since I started as a designer the main challenge and item in my work is looking for new concepts and new technical solutions within a contemporary interpretation of traditional values and crafts in combination with expressive and innovative design. I conceive my jewellery as unique piece, as multiples or for serial manufacturing. Concept is always an important starting point and can go into different fields: New interpretations of the meaning of the jewellery; a technical or constructive approach; a critical about of  materialistic values or concepts from an associative, anecdotal or humorous point of view.
/ Herman Hermsen
Herman Hermsen.
Herman Hermsen

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