Stefano Marchetti: “Surface in depth” in jewellery design

Workshop  /  27 Jul 2009  -  30 Jul 2009
Published: 07.05.2009
Stefano Marchetti: “Surface in depth” in jewellery design.
Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School & Academy
DEADLINE: 20/06/2009
Stefano Marchetti. Brooch: Untitled, 1992-2007. Gold, silver.. Stefano Marchetti
Brooch: Untitled, 1992-2007
Gold, silver.
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In the course of this workshop Stefano Marchetti should like to address this poetic with you, analysing one of my favourite technical procedures: “micro mosaic in metal”.
“Surface in depth” in jewellery design

Giving shape to a jewel is quite simple, first a dialog between fire and material needs to be established, and then the conversation must be forced to our own personal opinions.

I chose to use "fire techniques" as the tool, and precious metals as the material. For this reason and for the fact that my works are worn, I can consider myself a goldsmith.
Goldsmith, however, is an imprecise and ambiguous term to define my profession, because I would feel like a goldsmith even if I made hand blown glass vases.

Metals, with their potential to contain and transport meanings, are at the center of my research. Without a pretext of scientific nature, I use constructive procedure as a flywheel that drives the discipline itself. In my works the technique becomes a tool for investigating a potential “language of metal” into which I translate what my intimate experiences lead me to describe and evoke.

In the course of this workshop I should like to address this poetic with you, analysing one of my favourite technical procedures: “micromosaic in metal”. 

Stefano Marchetti

Dates and price

Schedule for the workshop

Dates and duration: 27th -30th July, 2009
Total hours: 32
Deadline for booking: 20th of June, 2009

Max number of participants, 10
Participation fees: € 350,00  Students and former student of the school € 300,00
Payments: 100% on booking

Lessons are held in Italian/English language 


Pre-requisites, Material, Tools.
Silver and non precious metals are included in the fees. Students who would like to use gold (minimum quantity 5 gr) must provide by themselves.
Participants must have good technical skills in jewellery making and must have their personal tools, included a good tube-cutter. 


The Workshop will take place in the School’s branch in Lucca, Via S. Andrea 33

For more details and to enrol, please visit or web pages or contact the school’s secretary
+39 055 22 80 131
+39 055 22 80 163 (fax) 

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