Study 90 days at Tokyo: HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry Exchange Program

Workshop  /  04 Sep 2011  -  04 Dec 2011
Published: 06.04.2011
HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry
DEADLINE: 30/04/2011

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JAPAN REVITALIZING" On behalf of all Japanese jewelry community, we would like to thank you very much for many heartfelt messages of encouragements from jewelry friends all over the world. Although we still have some difficulties and many people are living at evacuation centers in northern Japan, Tokyo has already been resuming to normal life day by day. In the situation of national crisis, we all believe the power of Art and Jewelry revitalizes Japan. And we convince HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry will undertake a role of it through our education. If you want to look and feel the fact of “Japan rebirth process” in your eyes, we welcome your entry of exchange program for fall term. The deadline of application will be April 30th 2011.
We are very happy to inform you our exchange program 2011 for Jewelry department below. If you are interested in continuing the exchange program with us, please follow application procedure below. 

Qualification requirements
Undergraduate students who have completed at least two years of study, bachelor level.
Eligible to travel to and from Tokyo, and to stay in Tokyo for three month financially.
Communicative level of English is required. No need to communicate in JAPANESE.

Period of stay (total 90 days of stay in Japan)
Spring term: Mid April to Mid July
Fall term: Early September to Early December

Up to 4 students per term.

Free (balanced with our students to your school in following term/year as exchange students)

Other items
* Accepted school will be able to accept our student as counter-exchange program in following term/year.
* Newly starting schools need to sign the student exchange agreement provided by HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry.

Please send all inquiries to following person in charge. 

Masaru Watanabe
Director, International Office
HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry 
Ryo Shimada "NIPPON".
Ryo Shimada "NIPPON"

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Yuko Kaneko "Glow".
Yuko Kaneko "Glow"

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Haruka Masuda "POST !".
Haruka Masuda "POST !"

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