Texture Development & Tool Making by Jesse Bert / Online course

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Published: 12.08.2021
Work by Jesse Bert.
Work by Jesse Bert

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In this virtual workshop, students will focus on a variety of different ways that texture can be created both on the surface of metal and in a 3-D format which offers physical and visual depth.
Come explore the attributes of carbon steel with Jesse Bert, and see how it can be used to manifest dynamic hand tools with easy, straightforward applications. In addition to covering more traditional styles of tools artisans and jewelers have implemented for generations, the instructor will explain and demo less common tools while imparting the value of exploring form and design to develop unique, specialized tools that will enhance, embellish, and personalize each metal creation that leaves your bench. The texturing tools in this class will be made by grinding, filing, or cutting with the jewelers saw. During the workshop, students will learn a 2-step heat treatment process so that the tools will last a lifetime.

It's a virtual workshop via  Zoom platform.
All students will be sent a specific link for joining before the date of the class.

When: December 7th & 9th, Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 to 8:00 pm each day (Eastern Time/US EAST COAST).
Cost: $150 USD + $40 Lab Fee (approx.127€ + approx.34€ Lab Fee).
Language: Workshop taught in English (Teacher is fluent in Spanish).

For complete information about the tool list or other questions please contact Metalwerx directly via mail.
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About the Instructor
Jesse Bert holds a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from RIT and an MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from ECU. 3 years spent as a tool and die maker's apprentice before university gave him a strong interest and appreciation for creating fine handmade tools. After graduate school, Jesse moved to central Mexico. There he spent the first 14 years of his professional career in San Miguel de Allende teaching metalsmithing and jewelry techniques to students of all skill levels at his own studio, as well as making annual trips to teach in cities around the world. Now re-located back to Seattle, Washington, he maintains ties with the Metalsmithing community in Latin America as a guest professor at the Technological Institute of Monterrey in the city of Guadalajara. Some prestigious venues where his work has been shown include the Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City, and the Museum of Art and Design in NYC. In 2014 he was a fellow at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts residency program, and in 2019 he participated in a 2-month residency working with a world-renowned German instrument builder near Frankfurt.