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Timothy Veske-Mcmahon: Demo Hydrographic printing for small objects

Workshop  /  15 Oct 2014
Published: 07.10.2014
Timothy Veske-Mcmahon. Necklace: Teem IV. Nylon, Aluminum-Nylon, Pigment. 160x65x30 mm. Timothy Veske-Mcmahon
Necklace: Teem IV
Nylon, Aluminum-Nylon, Pigment
160x65x30 mm
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Timothy Veske-Mcmahon gives a demonstration of the hydrographic printing process, that consists in the application of a two-dimensional pattern or image to a three-dimensional surface. The artist will discuss the possibilities of adapting this process for studio and give some tricks. This workshop follows his exhibition "Ampersand", with pieces showing this process.