War: Inspiration, Concept, Design, Communication

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Published: 02.12.2019

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The workshop focuses on the history of objects and jewellery, offers an interdisciplinary approach to jewellery art, includes individualized curated visits in UNESCO and World Heritage sites, enhances experiments with storytelling and performance for jewellery artists and introduces jewellery artist in the secrets of media communication for promoting own work.

The Workshop includes
  • A Concise Cultural History of Objects and Jewellery.
  • From Story Telling to Inspiration & Design.
  • Performance. Theory, development and practice.
  • Curated visit at the Acropolis UNESCO site. Lecture in situ on The compatibility of politics, spirituality and art.
  • Curated visit at selected collections of the National Archaeological Museum. Lecture in situ on: Struggle, Power, Death and Jewellery.
  • Curated visit at the Dafni Monastery UNESCO site. Lecture in situ on Militant art.
  • Curated visit at the Eleusina sanctuary and Museum. Lecture in situ on Death, bliss and the mysteries of eternal return.
  • Communication, PR and Promotional Strategies. Theory, examples, exercises.
  • Presentation (photography tips, styling, exhibition design, social media). Examples and exercises.

Date and hours:
09.01.2010 - 12.01.2020, Thursday - Sunday
31.01.2020 - 02.02.2020, Thursday - Sunday.
30 hours in total.

The number of participants: 
4-8 artists working with jewellery, object, textile, fashion, book art per workshop team. Artists who do not participate in the ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ// War exhibition project may apply to participate in the preparational workshop.

Participants of the ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ//War exhibition pay 380 Euro in two installments or 360 Euro in one installment. Artists who do not participate in the ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ//War exhibition project pay 420 Euro in two installments OR 400 Euro payable in one instalment.

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Deadline: 12 December 2019

We offer accommodation in Athens upon request. Ask for availability!
The Athens workshop details are described in the project agreement.