Wax Carving. A workshop with Elsa Tierney

Workshop  /  Making   Design  /  13 Jul 2024  -  27 Jul 2024
Published: 03.06.2024

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This 2-day course focuses on the art of wax carving. You will learn about wax in its many forms and uses, mainly for jewelry making.
Price: £250.
2-Day Course: 13 & 27 July 2024, from 10 am – 4 pm.

The course will cover:
  • How to carve detailed designs of your choice in green hard wax; you will also learn about many different waxes, their properties and their benefits
  • Using various tools for wax carving
  • How to refine and polish your wax carvings
  • How to apply wax successfully with a heat pen
  • How to fix broken parts or cracks
  • How to sprue you own waxes
  • All aspects of preparing wax pieces for casting- considering shape, weight and placement of sprues
  • Calculating weight conversions from wax to metals and how to forecast costs of casting
  • Setting stones into hard wax and creating settings using a wax heat pen
  • You will be given a list of essential tools and stockists, saving you time and money looking

Day 1:  13th July
On the first day, you will carve a design (or several designs depending on how fast you work) of your choice in wax which you then take away to a casting company to have it cast in the metal of your choice, such as silver. There is a 2-week gap between Day 1 & 2, to allow sufficient time for you to have your piece cast. The casting cost is not included in the course fee, although all relevant advice and information will be given.

Day 2: 27th July
On the second day, you will be taught how to polish and clean up your metal castings and/or work on another wax carving.

Who is this course for?
This course is recommended for those who already have some jewellery-making skills and wish to add wax carving skills to their repertoire.

About the tutor:
Elsa Tierney is an award-winning jeweler, artist, and author of Art of Wax book. Based in London, she has been working as a jewelry designer maker and freelance tutor in UK and abroad for over 10 years. She trained in jewelry making with a diploma and degree in silversmithing and fine art at Sir John Cass & Guildhall University, Specialising in wax carving, based on an ancient process called Lost Wax Casting, she likes to explore different avenues of working with wax, incorporating her sculptural skills and combining them with traditional methods of jewelry making. She exhibits her work at Goldsmiths Fair and has won gold, silver, and bronze awards at the Goldsmiths Crafts and Design awards.
Meet the tutor here.

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