Wire with Volker Atrops

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Published: 09.04.2018
Wire with Volker Atrops.
Johanna Neeser
DEADLINE: 21/09/2018
Work by Volker Atrops. .
Work by Volker Atrops. 

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The style and expression of the three-dimensional line.
How can we use a DIY approach to create subtlety and elegance rather than flea-market goods, or appropriate artefacts, Alexander Calder style, in such a way that they hold an added value for the wearer and the beholder – or, at least, do not stand in the way of our next dalliance (or self-reassurance)? We investigate wire in a series of considerations, increasingly serious in tone, on its effects and function. Movement and reflection are examined, taste and aesthetics questioned. 

Volker Atrops is a goldsmith and gardener, winner of the Herbert-Hofmann-Award 2017 and internationally acclaimed guest lecturer. He brings his in-depth knowledge with surprise effect into his dialogue. His jewellery pieces are unobtrusive and astonishing in their simplicity. For him, the star of the show is not the piece of jewellery in itself, but the woman or man who wears it.

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Fri       05.10.2018    16–21 h
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Portrait picture Volker Atrops.
Portrait picture Volker Atrops

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