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Workshop by Iris Eichenberg

Workshop  /  Critical Thinking   Making  /  26 May 2017  -  30 May 2017
Published: 28.04.2017
Workshop by Iris Eichenberg.
Taller Eloi
Jimena Rios, Nathalie Spielmann
DEADLINE: 25/05/2017

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3 days of retreat in the Delta del Tigre. The workshop is located about an hour and a half away from the city of Buenos Aires. 
How do we charge blank sheets?
How do we obsess about, fetishize, and elevate the mundane?
In the proposed workshop we will alternate between individual silent exercises and practice learning to communicate via materials; to think through and confront cliches with our hands.
To frame our inquiry we will look at objects and practices that already speak clearly through their physical character in a voice of longing and hoping. Ex votos, which are created for moments of hope and loss, are such objects. These objects and the rituals associated with them will direct our investigation of the banal and ordinary beauty of objects that carry meaning and which signify our deepest urges, frustrations, and desires.

How can an object, like the ex voto, bear the weight of so much desire and expectation? We will look at how we mark objects: obsessively, with intention, and with use. We will see how the implementation of an object marks it, maybe dents it, gives it individuality. We will question whether a material is ever just a material or if a technique is ever just a technique. We will look at how the interrelationship of material and technique impacts the way we know a thing, interact with it, and live with it in the world.
Ideally a workshop like this is a starting point for a new series of work: a way to re-see and re-evaluate one’s way of making and redirect how one looks critically at what one makes, not just as a result but as a process. / 
Iris Eichenberg

Dates and price

Fee: 380 €
Includes transfer from the port, food and lodging during the two nights and three days.


It is necessary to have knowledge of the English language and artistic training.