Workshops. Florence Jewellery Week

Workshop  /  31 May 2015  -  02 Jun 2015
Published: 23.04.2015
Workshops. Florence Jewellery Week.
Le Arti Orafe
Giò Carbone
DEADLINE: 15/05/2015

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As part of the program of events of the Florence Jewellery Week, Le Arti Orafe is organizing two workshops related to the creative process with Xavier Monclús and Philip Sajet.
LAO, Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School in Florence, has organized an intensive 7-day event devoted to the jewellery world and the complex relationships between artistic research, crafts and design. The event also aims to focus on the cultural aspects of identity/diversity, which is one of the main topics of the debate in recent years.

Xavier Monclús, “Objet trouvé”
Intuitive, lively and playful work and a process of formal thinking creating jewellery out of daily life images and small objects in plastic, wood or metal.

Philip Sajet, “Please, no diamonds today”.
“A ring always brings a stone. Why not another thing? Let us think about it together!"

Duration: from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm - Tot. 24 hours
Deadline for booking: 15 of May, 2015
Participation fees: € 300,00 (VAT included for each workshop)
Participants: Max 16
Lessons are held in English

Requirement for admission: Intermediate students/professionals. Participants should have basic fabrication and soldering skills.

Participants should bring their own tools. The school can lend a kit for the duration of the workshop: in this case, participants will give a deposit of 200 Euro, which will be returned at the end of the seminar, after the return of the full kit. Damaged or broken tools will be reimbursed to the school.

In order to reserve the course, you must send the fulfilled FJW Registration– form by email to the school’s office. You will receive a confirmation email with the instructions for the fees’ payment (50% at the moment of the confirmation of your registration and 50% the first day of the workshop).
There is no refund in case the registered person will not arrive in Florence to attend the workshop.
Philip Sajet. Ring: Red Shard, 2008. Red glass, niello on silver.. Philip Sajet
Ring: Red Shard, 2008
Red glass, niello on silver.
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Xavier Monclús. Brooch: Brutality, 2003. Silver, laminated paper, plastic, plastic figure, enamel painting. 70 x 95 x 15 mm. Photo by: Guillem F-H. From series: Images. Published at: Jewellery Unlimited, 2004. Published at: Inner luxury. International contemporary jewellery. Xavier Monclús
Brooch: Brutality, 2003
Silver, laminated paper, plastic, plastic figure, enamel painting
70 x 95 x 15 mm
Photo by: Guillem F-H
From series: Images
Published at: Jewellery Unlimited, 2004
Published at: Inner luxury. International contemporary jewellery
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