You can do anything with wax. A workshop with Gabi Veit

Workshop  /  15 Sep 2023  -  17 Sep 2023
Published: 15.06.2023
Gabi Veit. Spoon: Creatura, 2021. Sterling silver. Photo by: Dietlind Wolf. Gabi Veit
Spoon: Creatura, 2021
Sterling silver
Photo by: Dietlind Wolf
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Wax is an incredibly versatile material: You can use it for all and any purpose from high-precision, detailed work to spur-of-the-moment moulding, unleashing the imagination to create unique shapes of endless, surprising, off-beat variety.
We work with goldsmithing tools, heat, fire, and standard household knives, needles and scissors. But above all, it is our hands that we use to mould wax.

No goldsmithing skills are required. The focus of this workshop is on creating with wax, and we won’t be casting. 

Workshop fees: CHF 500
Students are entitled to a 10% discount.
A discount is offered if more than one workshop is booked.
Advance payment: half of the workshop fee.
Fri 16 – 21 h
Sa / Sat 11 – 19 h
So / Sun 10 – 17 h
Participants: maximum 8
Subscription: Up to two weeks before the workshop begins.
Course material is included in the cost. Metal is charged separately.
Tools are available.
Course languages: German and English.

You will receive detailed information before the workshop begins.
Modifications reserved.

The workshops are aimed at goldsmiths and jewellery designers, architects and artists, designers and teachers, students and ambitious and interested people.

When Gabi Veit opened her graphic design studio, she had never worked in a graphic design studio before; when she founded and began managing a cabaret theatre, she had never studied theatre before. Having begun to study contemporary jewellery in Florence at the age of 40, she graduated in 2011 and now designs jewellery and spoons as if born to the vocation. She lives in Bolzano and Switzerland, creates exhibitions, designs books and loves spending her time in kitchens, gardens, the mountains and between worlds. Wax is her favourite material, and she uses it to carve, model and dip virtually all of her works.

Gabi Veit
1968 born in Bolzano, Italy.
studied graphic design in Innsbruck and Venice.
Since 1994 own graphic studio.
1995–2008 co-founder and director of the cabaret theatre Carambolage in Bolzano.
2008–2011 studied contemporary jewellery in Florence, Alchimia.
Since 2011 own workshop in Italy and Switzerland.
2019Book Creatura | Geschöpf, Arnoldsche Art Publishers.

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Gabi Veit. Brooch: Spericolata, 2022. Sterling Silver, steel needle.. 7 x 6.5 cm. Gabi Veit
Brooch: Spericolata, 2022
Sterling Silver, steel needle.
7 x 6.5 cm
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Gabi Veit.
Gabi Veit

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