The Pearl Necklace. Not just a range of beads

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Published: 12.04.2023
Martin Parr, Not another party, 2004.
Martin Parr, Not another party, 2004

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Meleagrina margaritifera from the Latin word.
A small concretion created naturally or artificially. Generally spherical, silvery white with iridescent reflections, formed by the secretion of concentric layers of mother-of-pearl around a foreign body slipped between the 'mantle' and the shell of an oyster or mollusc.
A small thing with great symbolic power.

This article is the result of my research during my internship at Klimt02. The path of my work is presented in 3 parts. This first article is about the pearl necklace in the contemporary jewellery field. The Pearl. The Origins of the Myth, which is the second, helps to understand its enchanting genesis. All accompanied by the third, The Pearl. Its Representations Through Time focused on how it crossed time and trends.