Portraits of Now. New collection by Myung Urso

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Published: 25.10.2021
Myung Urso. Brooch: Wifi, 2021. Sterling silver, sand, pigment. 5.8 x 8.5 x 0.8 cm , 6 x 7.5 x 0.8 cm. Photo by: Myung Urso. From series: Portraits of Now. Myung Urso
Brooch: Wifi, 2021
Sterling silver, sand, pigment
5.8 x 8.5 x 0.8 cm , 6 x 7.5 x 0.8 cm
Photo by: Myung Urso
From series: Portraits of Now
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The brooches from the series 'Portraits of Now' show the gamut of emotions we have experienced collectively during the Pandemic - they are relatable, approachable, and familiar and show the decades-strong practice of calligraphy of Myung Urso. The series is presented in pairs that do not seem to communicate in unison, an allusion to the different communicative experiences during the pandemic.