Interview with Delphine Joly

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Published: 02.09.2015
Interview with Delphine Joly.
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My artistic approach is more subconscious. The jewels are wearable society's interrogation, you need to read them.
Do you think that jewellery is being standardized? What is there of local and universal in your artistic work?
 The contemporary jewellery is booming and pushes the limits further and further, it becomes a language. The emotional part of my artworks is universal. Otherwise, the ‘not-very-sexy’ style of my jewels seems to me reflecting a very Belgian behaviour.
What do you expect when exposing your work to the public (for example with an exhibition)?
I hope to provoke discussions and debates about the issues raised so that the public reveals itself.
Are other areas besides the jewellery, present in your work?
Leather craft.
The last work, book, film, city that has moved me was...
Clarisse Bruynbroeck’s solo exhibition at Vander A Gallery, Brussels. Just after I saw this exhibition, when I was walking in the street, I was haunted with her obsession and a lot of contemporary observations. In reaction, I created the piece « Grain de beauté ». After a while, I saw the same works in another place and felt nothing. The work is important but the presentation too!

Delphine Joly, Luxury vomit bag, 2013
Leather, brass, Corian, steel
13 x 15 x 17 cm
Photo by: Regis Masson
From series: Grain de beauté

A place, space, country whose creativity surprises me...
The parent’s world, I never thought you need all your imagination to obtain something simple, like washing your hair.
Is there any designer, jeweller, artist, you appreciate a lot?

Recently, I discovered the painting: Judith Slaying Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi. It is so modern and trash. It makes me think of a Benetton advertising but it‘s a painting of 1612.
What piece or work has given you the most satisfaction?
I accept all my pieces as they come and appreciate them for what they say despite some flaws. I'm just happy that people can see what I have in mind. Then, it is interesting to see why one piece gives people the most satisfaction.
Do you read Jewellery Magazines? What is your source to get information?
 Klimt02 and AJF web sites.
Do you discuss your work with other jewellery artists or any other person?
Yes I do, with my former gallery owner who is very concerned about contemporary jewellery and its current state. We have a lot of debates that end only with open questions, which I appreciate as mentality. I discover the importance of her profession that is very humble in the sense of promoting - following the artists and producing a common thread between them. This provides awareness to the public and also for the artist who is very lonely.
What is your first thought when you hear the word Future? What do you expect for?
My first thought: to try!
I am launching an open workshop project that is based on subscriptions in order to work regularly on my pieces while earning my life! We will see…