Reflection by Ai Shikanji

Object  /  Floral   Symbolic

Fine strands of thread, solidified in lacquer and gilded with gold, silver and tin using the Makie-technique, have been layered to create this work. The metallic coatings reflect the light with varying intensities to create a gentle sense of movement, further enhanced by the undulating pattern of the strands. This work utilises a new technique based on the historic kanshitsu dry lacquer tradition, but here instead of draping a single piece of cloth over a surface, many threads have been used, resulting
in an object where lacquer is integral to its structure rather than used solely as a finish.
Ai Shikanji
Lacquer, thread, washi, gold powder, silver powder, tin powder, grinding powder and gold leaf
64 x 64 x 22 cm
Unique piece

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