Paper Tenon 8 by Aiyun Zou

Brooch  /  Geometric   Playful
Brooches, rings.

It originated from the disassembly form of traditional Chinese woodwork -- dovetail tenon structure. The unique characteristics of concave and convex disassembly are used to show the change of jewelry form of "disassembly" and "combination". Through the symbiotic relationship of dovetail tenon structure, the created shapes cooperate and complement each other. Each stroke, either as a brooch or as a ring, can be combined to form a variety of patterns. Combined with the Yin and Yang philosophy of dovetail tenon in the composition of materials; The combination of dovetail tenon form and paper layer texture; Combining dovetail tenon and concave convex combination with jewelry space structure, the concept expression of literati feelings in contemporary art jewelry.
Aiyun Zou
Paper Tenon 8
Paper, resin, silver.
30 x 35 x 72 cm
Unique piece

Photo by:
Aiyun Zou

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