Transitions by Alessa Joosten

Object  /  Conceptual   OnBody   GraduationWork
Published: 29.08.2019
Alessa Joosten
Veneer, stainless steel.
3 x 2.6 x 76 cm
Photo by:
Lukas Wenninger
From series:
Object for the ear​.
Photo assistant Lukas Senger; Styling Lucia Ambrico; Hair/ Make-Up Sabine Hoegerl; Model Leonie Tuerke.

Transitions - conception, design and  realisation of wearable objects 
The topic of my final M.A. project is transitions. I was working on overlappings and differentiation of jewellery, fashion and art. I‘m interested in this subject because both jewellery and fashion are related to the body and are mainly worn in combination. Nevertheless, I always felt a border between both fields. That was arousing my interest to follow up with the idea of creating wearable objects at the transition to fashion and accessories. In the early stage of development, I was working with coincidental discoveries. But also simple joining techniques, as well as the visual language of the material and it‘s tactile and hearing-related sensuality, are playing a huge role in my concept. It was important to me to create autonomous jewellery objects that aren‘t situated hierarchically below fashion. Due to that the pieces are neither attached to the clothing nor integrated into the garments. During the development process, I was dealing with characteristics and typical production methods of jewellery and fashion and transferred techniques of clothing production into jewellery. Moreover, I was questioning the common position of jewellery on the body. My transitional objects are playing with the means of dissolving the function of an object and shifting the context. They are difficult to classify at first glance especially while they are not worn on the body. Thereby I‘d like the beholder to challenge and expand his perspective. While working on crossovers I‘d like to questioning the boundaries of the disciplines.
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