Bubbles by Alicia Giráldez

Brooch  /  Abstract   OnBody
My invitation to create for The Beauty of Clay has made me realise why I spent so much time on ceramics, some time ago, before immersing myself in the engrossing work of jewellery.
The nexus, without doubt, is glaze. Liquid sand over earth or metal. Working with glazes at high temperatures is relatively complicated: it’s a long, slow, slog against an unknown outcome.
But I have found again the subtle, delicate forms and the infinite possibilities that are offered by earth and fire: overwhelming. I sense that I have found a new road for my expression: a road full of landscapes; a walk that finds something new at every turn.
And I have dreamed of the possibility if using the beauty of ceramics to augmen the expressive register of my palette.

Alicia Giráldez
Glazed porcelain and rusted nickel silver.
8.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 cm
Photo by:
Pep Ávila

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