In the Wind by Aline Berdichevsky

Necklace  /  Abstract   OnBody
When you ignore the time that your watch might tell, you allow play to come to the fore.
Overwhelmed by the freshness of my daughter, I create globular forms which I discard, I find others which sign the path towards beauty. I transform them to porcelain and they gain in wonder, lightness and purity. Hands in clay, clay on hands. I search for the rhythm transmitted by the waves and birds in flight. I leave a memory of its origin in each repetition, I cut it, and in some cases bring out the colours which speak to me of loved ones far away and yet so close. The beauty of the process is breathtaking, reflected in the pauses when two gazes connect for an instant.
This collection of moments cannot be lost and one by one they are tied to the wind.
Aline Berdichevsky
In the Wind
Colored and glazed Limoges porcelain, silk thread.
Ø 29 cm
Photo by:
Pep Ávila

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