Untitled by Amy Gotheridge

Neckpiece  /  Design   Organic

The Rural and urban surroundings of Sheffield has inspired my collection. The emotional connection we make to the materials and structures we see in our everyday life can subconsciously evoke a sense of preciousness and can be turned into something we value. Taking inspiration from brutalist architecture I have used Jesmonite to imitate concrete structures, by using industrial materials like steel alongside organic materials such as leather and mother of pearl, I am challenging preconceptions of beauty and scale.
Buildings are constructed and demolished, the internal framework is hidden and revealed, fragilities are exposed and examined. My pieces aim to encourage people to question the things they see every day and normally look straight past. Placing these on the body allows us to reflect on our own place within our environment.
Amy Gotheridge
Steel, jesmonite, mother of pearl.
20 x 30 x 4 cm
Photo by:
Amy Gotheridge

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