Beneath by Anders Ljungberg


When a jug is poured, a direction is illustrated within the room. The stream created in the act of pouring, also depicts an inner room – one that we cannot always see, but which is clearly made present to us. The liquid is an integral part of a transformation process between the inner room and the outer room.
In this jug, the liquid is enclosed within the form that hangs under the steel table. That, in turn, is conjoined with an enamel cup that rests upon the table's surface. The form beneath is the jug's well, and the cup above is a conduit through which the liquid flows out, as opposed to a container in which liquid can flow into.

This displacement of what an object represents gives new metaphorical meanings to the different sections of the jug.
Anders Ljungberg
Silver, enamelled copper, oil burnt steel
22 x 10 x 28 cm

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