Cornish Wall by Andile Dyalvane

Vessel  /  Abstract   Conceptual

Special Mention Loewe Craft Prize 2022

Hand-built using red earthenware coils, this vessel has strong textures that reveal the process of making, including torn ceramic slabs and lines brushed on with a handmade bonsai brush. Carrying a beautiful sense of movement, the work pays homage to both African and British pottery, drawing on Xhosa culture from South Africa and its influence on studio pottery through the work of Bernard Leach. Created during a residency in Cornwall in 2019, the work speaks of a changing natural landscape, of eroding riverbed walls in South Africa, and of the disappearing coastline around St Ives.
Andile Dyalvane
Cornish Wall
Glazed stoneware clay.
34 x 34 x 45 cm
Unique piece

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