Masquerading Flora & Crystal Thistle by Andrew Poduska

Object  /  Figurative   Natural
Published: 09.12.2021
Andrew Poduska
Masquerading Flora & Crystal Thistle
Brass, steel wire, fine steel wool, rabbit skull, borax
25 x 6 x 18 cm ; 26 x 6 x 18 cm
Photo by:
Isabella Capezio

My artistic practice delves into our relationship as humans with the environment and the value we place upon our natural resources. We are bound to our surroundings as its health dictates our own, yet we still fight this fundamental truth and continue to devour our maternal life support systems. 
Working with various metals, found objects and chemical reactions, I explore these ideas through the merging of animal, mineral and botanical forms that create the hybrid structures of my floral series
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