Prepper Ceramics by Anette Leegaard Fuhlendorff

Object  /  Natural
Slipcasting, high fired wood firing.

Usually Anette Leegaard Fuhlendorff works with plaster moulds in which she pours porcelain. With this series of cylindrical vessels, she experimented with slip casting without using plaster moulds. Instead, she used shapes made from other materials – already existing and available materials. This recycling concept reflects her striving for environmentally friendly, resource-saving production. She worked intensively on alternative shapes, materials and fire possibilities in order to cause less damage to the environment. This in turn led to a design of objects that she would not have achieved with traditional methods. Her porcelain cylinders are characterized by an atmospheric drawing on the surface of attractive colours, by deep relief, a fine rough surface, melted beads or a fine speckle. The surfaces are in their structure, the individual forms of the reliefs and the colours with their atmospheric brown and blue tones reminiscent of nature.

Anette Leegaard Fuhlendorff
Prepper Ceramics
Porcelain, recycled ceramic waste.
30 x 100 x 30 cm
Photo by:
Ole Akhøj

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