Hide & Seek by Anna Schmideder

Object  /  Design
Wooden works from veneer.

The project "hide & seek" wants to create places that invite to linger in the landscape, to look, to listen, and to think in peace, but which can also protect from the weather. Based on different types of landscape and weather conditions, Anna Schmideder designed three different, but basically similar, trail huts. They are all connected by the construction method and the execution in spruce wood. All connections are only created by cutting the strips to length. The huts should have a temporary character and, in their simplicity, adapt to the barren landscape of the Dreiborn plateau, the place where Anna Schmideder conceived the idea for her project. One of the huts is low and can rest partly on a large stone, another can be placed in a hollow and a third resembles a high seat with its long legs and raised position. Depending on the model, they are equipped with necessary extras: The hollow seat has a roof made of folded sheet metal with a projecting part, the hut with the long legs is accessible via a ladder.

Anna Schmideder
Hide & Seek
120 x 90 x 180 cm
Photo by:
Anna Schmideder

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