5X by Annabel Goris

Pendant  /  Geometric   GraduationWork
Published: 31.05.2019
Annabel Goris
Plexiglass, silver.

15.5 x 10 x 1 cm
From series:
Odd Fellas

With Odd Fellas, Annabel Goris launches the first collection of her brand called LEBANNA.
In this collection, she explores the limitations of serial production like reproducibility, use of time, branding, etc. Her formal language is in part controlled by the technique/system she uses to transform her shapes into jewellery. This aspect is highlighted in the statement pieces. As a material, she combines silver and gold plated silver with plexi. Traditional goldsmith techniques are mixed with new technologies such as laser cut.
Geometric shapes are combined in a playful manner, subtle figurative references are added and there is a richness in colour and texture. The functional element becomes an important esthetic component. She creates a small universe of peculiar looking figures that excites the imagination.
The designs reflect her joyful perspective on life.
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