Talismanic Stickers by Anne Sophie Ruth Schneider

Piece  /  Conceptual   Geometric
Semester project 2021
The talismanic and the talisman are phenomena that often remain hidden or enciphered. As processual, surrounding, and descriptive objects and interactions, talismans and talismans like to show themselves in their content of memory and the power that emanates from the phenomenon. They are mostly found in very personal spaces, relationships, and in close connection with their owners. Appearing in the trend colors of recent years, the sticker sheets talismanic stickers invite their owners to go in search of the talismanic and to mark it by sticking it to its surface. Maybe there is a bank in the country, your own smartphone, your favorite pen, a book, a supermarket, a car, or a piece of jewelry talismanic? The oscillation of presence and absence, of memory and direct experience of the object inherent in the talismanic is thus playfully and obviously marked, set, and questioned – in private as well as in public space.
Anne Sophie Ruth Schneider
Talismanic Stickers
Sticker on object
Multiple piece

Photo by:
Lara Köhler

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