Red years by Annelies Planteydt

But identify plays yet another role. And this brings us back to the idea with which I began of Planteijdt's work as contemporary baroque. Let me began, Je désire vivre au bord de la mer (I desire to live at the shore of the sea) a work from 2007 that, like many other works from the Beautiful City series, such as, for example, Red River (2007) or Read Years (2004) uses colour. Je désire consist of a 'beach' and a 'sea, rows of flat strips in a variety of pastel colours, and rows of blue beads respectively. As in the case of Three Men the wearer will have to choose which side - sea or beach - to hang in front or in back, with all consequences this choice has for the visual effect. It is an 'infinite' work because it poses the problem  - how to wear it - for which no solution exists: it is not possible, after all, to live at the edge of the sea, according to, and with this work. The arbitrariness of that choice you have to make proposes the solution that perception, including looking is a form of selection. - Mieke Bal

The text is quoted from the book Synaesthesis: smell, sound, and other sense experiences. Annelies Planteijdt , published by Galerie Marzee. Text by Mieke Bal. Text editing: Bregje van Eekelen. Photography portraits: Ans Dekkers Photography necklaces: Jannes Bolten / Jean Beining.
Annelies Planteydt
Red years
Gold, pigments.
55 x 20 cm
From series:
Beautiful city
Photo by:
Jannes Bolten

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