Bride by Anni Myllyniemi

Head piece  /  Figurative   OnBody

My thesis is formed from five hair/head jewellery pieces, which have been inspired by combining historical and cultural designs from Eastern countries and Finland’s nature.
The countries that I chose to use as a source material for the designs are India, Korea and Japan, because of my own personal interest to these countries and their cultures. And Finland’s nature is represented in the forms of mimicking the leaves of trees by forging and enamelling and taking actual natural pieces and caste them in silver. With these techniques, I wanted to replicate and preserve the natures fragility into something more durable and time lasting. However, I didn’t want the metals to be the only material, so I added pieces of tree bark to two of the works, to give them more of a natural feeling.

Anni Myllyniemi
Head piece
Bark, copper, enamel, metal dusts, hair clip.
Photo by:
Anni Myllyniemi

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